FTP access for specific cPanel accounts needs to be disabled. There is no native way in cPanel/WHM to achieve this.

Solution :

Assuming that you are using pure-ftpd, go to /usr/sbin/pureauth . There would be a section in the code as follows :

# Create ftpusers array
if ( -e ‘/etc/ftpusers’ && !-z ‘/etc/ftpusers’ ) {
open my $ftpusers_fh, ‘<‘, ‘/etc/ftpusers’;
my @ftpusers = <$ftpusers_fh>;
close $ftpusers_fh;
@ftpusers = grep { s/[rns]//g } @ftpusers;

# disallow accounts in ftpusers
if ( any( sub { lc($acctowner) eq lc($_) }, @ftpusers ) ) {

All you need to do is create a file as /etc/ftpusers and put the cPanel usernames in it.
FTP access will no longer be available to the cPanel accounts corresponding to these usernames.
Others would be able to login!

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