In today’s on-demand economy, the startups are getting increasingly interested in the public cloud solutions as opposed to building private cloud or even opting for the hybrid solutions. A study of the recent trends suggests that while most businesses are interested in public cloud, at least more than half of them also show their confidence in the level of security offered by the public cloud. They admit to the fact that the security these cloud solutions offer is superior to what they have in their own data-centers. The key reasons behind the growing popularity of the public cloud solutions is the cost-effectiveness and security along with the flexibility they infer to meet your IT infrastructure needs much more effectively. The scale of business efficiency that cloud solutions offer, have inspired businesses to make the expected shift from the legacy systems to the cutting-edge cloud solutions that ramp up their IT operations. The businesses are taking this move to the cloud seriously, by incorporating cloud as an integral part of their strategy and considering these expenses as an important part of their investment. The current trends suggest that eventually all the data of the new-age businesses will eventually get moved to the cloud.

Here is a detailed insight into why the startups are getting increasingly inclined towards public cloud solutions:

1.Say ‘yes’ to an innovative approach

Once you plan the technology strategy of your startup around cloud, you open the doors for business innovation. The kind of flexibility that is inherent to the public cloud based IT infrastructure, offers you a lot of scope to innovate, improve your business efficiency and shorten the time-to-market for your offerings. Also, in terms of the flexibility of the packages available for public cloud solutions, it leaves your startup with a great degree of freedom to plan your cloud strategy as opposed to staying committed to your legacy systems or relying on the private datacenters.

2. Ensure security with external provider

There is apparently no reason why businesses should not choose public over private cloud. First, it is not difficult to move your legacy systems to the cloud. These can always be moved with containerized offerings in the public cloud. Secondly, it is rather easier to avail a solution tailored to your business needs in terms of scale and scope, with the flexibility the public cloud offers. Finally, you may want to spend whatever amount and recruit whatever level of expertise to ensure security in the private cloud, the big and renowned providers could spend more and take care of your security concerns more efficiently.

3. Channelize your efforts to your core business

The public cloud solutions set your IT teams free to focus better on other valuable and business-critical activities. While you can take the advantage of the expertise of the external providers, your core team can function to improve other aspects of your business IT where they can add value more effectively and which also have a direct impact on your business growth such as exploiting data mining and data analytics for ensuring improved client servicing.

So, for your startup, while the in-house provision of cloud could be a lot more expensive than opting for the public solutions, going on-demand for your IT infrastructure solutions also let you keep your IT team focused on activities reaping higher value. The situation may vary from case-to-case. Want to learn what approach would better suit to your business? Contact us to avail a free consultation with our cloud technology experts.

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