Outsourcing has always been a strategic move by companies for streamlining the business processes and reducing capital and overhead costs. But in the last decade, outsourcing has seen a great rise in the technical support area and is expected to grow by another 6 percent in the next two years.This rise in technical support outsourcing can be attributed to the bloom and growth of the digital era. More organizations are making high-standard IT and infrastructure their competitive edge and riding on the efficiency and cost-reducing benefits of outsourcing to pull ahead of the crowd.

For every company, the factors involved in outsourcing a project is different. These should be assessed and understood at the company level with a professional & credible IT support provider. The benefits of outsourcing IT, however, are more or less the same. We spoke to a few entrepreneurs and senior project managers who chose to outsource their managed IT needs and given below are the top reasons that drove them to make this move.

1. Helps You Stay Focused On Core Business

Your time is valuable. So, if IT isn’t your core business, spending time, money and resources on IT setup, maintenance and upgrade is a distraction, even if you have good resources. By assigning IT support to a third-party provider you can ensure that your operational time and effort is directed towards pushing the core business of the organisation.

2. Higher Quality Outputs And Higher Benefits

Sure, you can do it all and be the jack-of-all-trades. But then you’ll never be the master of any trade. In order to generate high-level, in-house IT solutions, an organisation will have to constantly invest in research, development and implementation. This investment will invariably add to the cost of production and be passed on to the customer in the form of products/services that costs more than its value. Outsourcing not only cancels out IT expenditure but also provides you access to exceptional talents and capabilities that can take your business to the next level.

3. Better Infrastructure

Your IT service provider can help you identify the issues and inadequacies of your current computational models and infrastructure and offer suggestions to improve the process flow and performance efficiency. A better and up-to-date IT infrastructure will translate to a direct increase in business growth.

4. Higher Productivity

With better IT support and fewer issues and downtime, you can assign your resources to more important projects and increase the operational productivity by several folds.

5. Puts You on an equal footing with large businesses

By themselves, small businesses cannot match the competency of the IT support of large, multinational organisations. But with support from managed IT providers, small companies can ‘act big’ in terms of technical expertise and get the edge needed to compete with the industry giants.

6. Reduced Risks

The value of IT services providers is based on their ability to provide quality support with minimal issues and downtime. Therefore they invest in the best disaster recovery technology and are better equipped to monitor your data security and handle emergency operations.

7. Better Compliance & Stronger Security

From transactional data to sensitive competitive information, there are many kinds of information that when leaked can threaten the security of an organisation. Due diligence is required in maintaining the security of the business. But security is like the many-headed mythological dragon–several new heads crop up in place of the ones you chop of–it requires your full attention. But with a dedicated managed services partner to take care of your security and compliance standards, you can minimise all risks associated with your business process while directing your time and resources on core deliverables and targets.

8. Minimal Downtime Issues

Dedicated IT technical support providers proactively monitor your system and are vigilant about problem detection. Meaning, you will have minimal breakdowns and you will be spending lesser time on system troubleshooting.

9. Efficient Resource Allocation

Outsourced IT support will allow you to allocate your resources to areas critical to business growth and finding new opportunities.

10. Reduced Resource Cost & Controlled IT Expenses

Cost reduction is the biggest advantage of outsourcing. Organisations that outsource their IT requirements are able to convert their fixed IT capital and resource cost into variable cost with the help of the pay-for-what-you-use model of outsourcing plans. Additionally, the organisation saves on storage rental costs and generates higher revenue through increased productivity.


If you are looking to expand and remain competitive in your industry, outsourcing IT support is your answer. By outsourcing every aspect of your IT requirement, you can increase business productivity, reduce IT expenses, deliver high-quality products/services and generate higher revenue.

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