A virtual business may seem lucrative at first glance. With technology changing rapidly and glitches that can cause obstructions, it is not an easy task. Businesses can suffer significant losses due to server downtime. The good news is that you can avoid this problem by outsourcing your web hosting. To know how to outsource web hosting support services, let’s take a quick look at the four key factors.

Downtime on servers is a complete killer. It was reported in 2013 by Venture Beat that Google lost $545,000 in revenue as a result of a 5-minute outage. Similarly, an Amazon report from 2016 states that every minute its servers are down, the company loses $2 million in revenue. At such times, small businesses are also likely to suffer significant losses. Furthermore, these tech failures damage the reputation of the brand. According to the suggestive numbers, this “dent” is pretty large. A consistent experience is expected by 75 percent of consumers. If a company does not meet their needs and expectations, 50 percent of them will switch brands. Businesses need to maintain optimum server uptime, along with keeping other things running smoothly as well.

Therefore, the onus lies with…

Web Hosting Companies

The process of starting a web hosting company today is relatively straightforward. The setup of your data center can be done very cost-effectively. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a shortcut, you can also start with reseller accounts of well-known hosting companies (this is another topic for another day).

If you own a web hosting business, providing exceptional customer service should be one of your top priorities.

What’s the reason?

Research shows that 75 percent of customers value the ability to interact with a salesperson when needed. According to 68 percent of respondents, it is important to interact with a salesperson who understands their needs and preferences.

So Without paying attention to the human side of your business, you will lose a great deal of customers if you focus solely on your product. Your brand credibility will also suffer from poor performance.

In other words, providing customers with a satisfying experience has become a necessity. It is also important to provide them with quality communication and quick solutions in addition to quality products.

Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it seems.

 First of all, today’s end-customers are more demanding than ever before, making it very difficult to satisfy them. Furthermore, hiring an in-house team of customer care executives is costly, which might not be an option for your business.

Outsourcing professional web hosting support is a simple solution to these problems. In addition to working efficiently, this solution is also affordable for small-scale web hosting companies.

Outsource Web Hosting Support

You will be able to provide solid technical and IT support to your customers thanks to the outsourced professionals. By doing this, you will eventually strengthen your market position, increase customer retention, and grow your web hosting business.

Before committing to a web hosting support provider, make sure they have these six important qualities:

1. Their human capital

A company’s customer support is its human side. In other words, you need people capable of effectively communicating with the end-customers, empathizing with their problems, and providing efficient solutions to those problems.

Your to-be outsourced web hosting support’s human capital – their level of qualification and experience – should be considered. You benefit your customers more when these professionals are of high quality.

2. Their industry specialization

If you are approaching a solution provider for web hosting, he or she might not necessarily be well-versed in your industry. There is a wide variety of specializations among companies!

A web hosting company like yours needs a customer support team with the infrastructure and resources to cater to its needs.

3. Their client list

The rule of thumb is that if a company is as good as it claims, many people will follow it. Clients here!

So Look at the client list of whoever you’re screening. The number of customers they have served in the past, and the number they are serving now; and whether the web hosts they are serving are industry-renowned names or newcomers to the market. Your potential partner will be able to tell you a lot about himself or herself based on these questions.

4. Where are they located?

Even though this factor may be secondary to others, it isn’t any less important. It is best to partner with other businesses that are local to increase reliability and consistency in communication.

So Choose a local support team for your outsourced web hosting. The term ‘nearby’ does not necessarily mean right across the street. There is no restriction on where it can be, as long as it is in the same country.

5. Their market reputation

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it? Many web hosting companies don’t even consider the reputation of the company they will be doing business with when outsourcing web hosting support.

Make sure you’re not one of them! Take a look at forums, online review websites, and see what other people have to say about this company. Ensure their reputation on the market is decent.

6. Their contract policies

Many web hosting support providers offer off-the-shelf contracts that include policies, agreements, and other privacy guidelines based on their own preferences. Then there are those that tailor their policies according to your unique needs, requirements, suggestions, and requests.

You should look for the latter. A contract should be finalized that covers every aspect of security, quality, and privacy.

You should look for these six qualities in a company when outsourcing third-party customer support. However, they are not foolproof and do not guarantee the best results.

You will, however, be able to find a quality and reliable web hosting provider quickly if you consider these factors and tips.


Outsourcing partners do not have to be confusing to choose. Choose a good web hosting support company by keeping these factors in mind. With the right support partner, you will be able to run your support operations smoothly.

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