Move To Cloud Computing With InstaCarma

Cloud Computing is considered to be the future of the hosting industry. It will be the one thing, all hosting solutions will be moving to. Due to its pay-as-you-go model and elastic nature of cloud to expand or contract on demand, it has gained huge momentum in the recent past, with a huge demand for adopting cloud technologies and related services. Cloud, with its virtual back end layer and easy-to-use front end management console offers enormous economic advantages to datacenters with better resource utilization and capacity management, lesser management overheads, flexibility and easiness to scale. Added to this, the integration option with public clouds makes it an attractive offering for end customers. InstaCarma, with its expert engineers and consultants offer a wide portfolio of cloud consulting services to assist datacenters and hosting companies to migrate to cloud or expand their existing cloud systems.

Consultancy Services Offered

Cloud Implementation

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design
  • Server Consolidation and Capacity Planning
  • Cloud Migration Planning
  • Identifying right Cloud Technologies
  • Consulting on Cloud Storage


  • SaaS Implementation on Cloud
  • Enterprise Architecture Design on Cloud
  • Application Deployment on Cloud
  • Migration to Cloud

Why Cloud ?

  • Pay as you go model
  • No Software or Vendor lock-in
  • Scalability / InterOperability
  • High Availability and Reliability (No downtime)
  • Lower Management Overheads
  • No Performance Bottlenecks
  • Better Performance to Price Ratio
  • Cost benefits with economies of scale

Our Solutions

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Migration To Cloud
  • High Availability & Load Balancing in Cloud
  • Public Cloud Integration
  • API Development for Cloud Integration
  • Application Development on Cloud
  • SaaS on Cloud

The Ingredients


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