Outsourcing IT services is a great move for businesses that want to cut down on capital cost, reduce operational expenses and provide scope for production scalability. But in addition to these tangible benefits, outsourcing also means better access to latest technology, increase in productivity and a definite rise in revenue.

Needless to say, there is a lot riding on this high-potential transition and your choice of service provider will decide the effectiveness of it. This is where Instacarma comes into the picture. Our experience, competence, dedication and efficiency makes us a great choice. And we have listed out and briefly explained the exact reasons that make us the best choice for you:

1. We Are Passionate About Technology

Instacarma perceives IT as a means to innovation, evolution and thereby transformation. We keep up to date with technological advances and the latest trends and leverage this knowledge and expertise to deliver ingenious and cost-efficient solutions for your business. As a company, we are committed to delivering high-quality solutions through regular training and by complying with industry accreditation and certification standards. We partner with vetted suppliers for all our technology inventories, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We are truly passionate about technology and it shows it our commitment to quality.

2. We Are Backed By 15 Years Of Knowledge & Experience

InstaCarma is a global tech support business in its 15th year of operation and boasts of an excellent workforce and ever-growing clientele list across continents. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a credible and trusted business in the industry with big and reputable names for clients. Whatever your business challenges and requirements, you can be sure that InstaCarma has the experience and knowledge to tackle it head on and deliver innovative solutions.

3. Our Team Has Multi-Industry Expertise

In our long tenure as a managed IT service provider, we have dipped our toes in various industry streams and market verticals. Our multi-industry exposure translates to a faster understanding of individual business requirements and therefore faster problem-solving deliveries.

4. Quick Turnaround IT Solutions Within Budget

In the present-day market, the only way to stay competitive is by being fast and cost-efficient. Our technology advances help us to maintain a high standard of efficiency and cost-effectiveness so we are able to deliver quality services and solutions within a short turnaround time at affordable rates. In the unlikely event of IT emergencies and downtimes, you can rely on our 24/7 online and call support services to get the problem fixed immediately.

5. Your Success Is Integral To Our Success

As a purely service-based company, it is no surprise that we measure our success based on your satisfaction. We take great pride in empowering your business through latest technologies and leading the way to a more competitive and dynamic future for your business.

6. There’s Almost Nothing We Don’t Do

You read that right! As one of the pioneers in the IT industry, we have been spearheading innovations by providing robust, ingenious and efficient IT solutions for various businesses. For us, necessity, as the saying goes, is truly the mother of all innovations and our knack for innovative solutions shows in our portfolio. Whatever your industry-specific requirements are, our team has the competence to take care of it all.

Here’s What We Offer

Instacarma is a global IT support provider with many years of experience across various industry verticals. We offer a full range of managed IT, hosting and Cloud technology services, making us a one-stop provider for all your IT needs. We are constantly coming up with new innovations and ideas and have dipped our toes in all IT streams. As a global company, we hold customer satisfaction at top priority so you can expect cost-efficient, tailored solutions that meet your exact business requirements within a short turnaround time.

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