The most compelling reasons why your startup needs to consider opting for managed IT services in the year 2017, are going to range from reducing the costs to getting hold of the top-level security, up-time, assurance and the exposure to the latest tech trends in the industry that only an expert outside party can provide. However, while a managed IT provider may want you to adopt your business model in a certain way for one reason, your startup may look at it in an entirely different light and hold an entirely different set of priorities that they might need to match up to. So, while you’re taking this critical decision for your business IT, you should be well-aware that availing the services of a managed IT services provider that understands your business model, its objectives and vision, you can leverage their services for your business growth in the best way possible. Having said that, here are the top few advantages your startup and the startups like yours can derive out of proficient managed IT services providers in 2017:

1. Top-level data Security

All devices, browsers and operating systems all store and transmit data and therefore, require your small business to take the strictest possible measures possible, as far as data security is concerned. The last thing your startup would like to make it to the headlines for, is any incident related to data breach or a major data loss. So, if security and data protection is on your mind, you might as well want to consider Compliance-as-a-service, which is one of the biggest reasons to adopt managed IT services for startups this year, for example, the recent times have seen a surging trend of the e-commerce businesses world-wide and these are increasingly concerned about compliance to PCI security standards.

2. Keep a check on potential IT Problems

Startups usually choose to work with a managed services provider (MSP) because they offer a 24x7x365 coverage so that they do not need to worry anymore about any of the potential issues related to their day-to-day IT operations or the reliability and speed of the network connection or the steadiness of their IT environment. Data management is one of the top IT challenges the startups will need to face this year and in the next couple of years. So, as your startup works with the right Managed Services Provider, you do not only get empowered by efficient data backup and disaster recovery solutions but can also enjoy the service features such as regular and encrypted backups, IT virtualization and cloud computing capabilities.

3. Increase the Uptime

With proficient managed services providers by your side, your startup is well-prepared to tackle various emergency situations ranging from power failure, data-loss, security breaches or any other disasters that may potentially result into a damage to their accounts and credibility. To achieve high productivity for your startup, you can count on your managed services provider to empower you with high uptime and efficient BDR as a part of their service offerings to you. The trusted providers do not only take care of your precious data in case of a disaster, but they also help you proactively identify and eliminate all possible ways in which a downtime can affect your business. They keep your IT running smooth so that the downtime for you is as less as possible.

4. Exposure to the latest tech-trends

While you may have your in-house IT team, too occupied with the day-to-day operations to be able to explore the new trends in technology and therefore, lacking in the skills and training for the sought-after new technologies and the skills to manage your entire business network, having external IT support team to work with you can be the easy and efficient way to equip your business with the latest IT skills that are the most sought-after in the market. Such business-grade IT solutions that are conducive of high uptime and profitability for your business, provide you with the required competitive edge to take your business to the next level in terms of growth.

5. Increased cost savings

Cost savings are one of the biggest advantages, a startup can derive from on boarding managed IT services providers. This is because, while as a startup, it can be a cost-intensive decision for you to hire full-time resources to hire a full-fledged IT staff, forcing your other staff to perform technical tasks also can prove to be counter-productive for your organization. With an efficient and cost-effective managed services-provider on-board, you can easily replace these cost considerations with budget friendly IT offerings with them taking the entire responsibility of providing you with high ROI managed services. In this way, your startup is also better able to foresee its IT costs on a month-on-month basis and plan its overall budget accordingly.

So, if chosen wisely, your managed IT services providers do not only give you the peace of mind you need with respect to your business IT, they also help you maximize employee productivity and help you achieve your business goals more consistently. And in the long run, you can adopt cutting-edge technologies such as cloud, faster than your competition.

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