StarWind(Based on iSCSI) is used to create a shared storage area on a Windows Server for use with clustered environment.

Download the software from and complete the installation steps. Then,

  1. Start > All Programs > StarWind Software > StarWind
  2. Click on Connect, provide the username and password.
  3. Right click on Targets, you will get options to Add a new target.
  4. Enable the correct device type.
  5. Select the method to add a device (In case the device is already created, use: Mount Existing Device) else, create A Virtual Device.
  6. Specify the disk location and size.
  7. Specify Image File device parameters (Make sure you enable Allow Multiple Concurrent iSCSI Connections for a cluster environment).
  8. Choose a target name and complete the installation.

iSCSI: Internet Small Computer Interface for linking data storage facilities

Uses port : 860 and 3260

The Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service has to be started by running services.msc, where you’ll get the services listed over. To access a virtual disk,

  1. Start > Administrative tools > iSCSI Initiator
  2. iSCSI Initiator properties will open, then go to Discovery > Click on Discovery Portal > Add the IP or the domain and check the port (default port is 3260)
  3. Once IP/domain is added, goto Favourite Targets and refresh to get the list of targets.
  4. Under the Targets option you can connect/disconnect a particular virtual disk.

Once this is done, the virtual disks will be available under Server

Manager > Storage > Disk Management.

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