DevOps has not grabbed the attention of every single enterprise in the market for no reason. The advantages of adopting the DevOps service practices are many. It is for this reason that all enterprises are looking to move their projects to DevOps to ensure smarter and more efficient execution. While it helps to make your development and IT operations much more efficient, it helps you with strengthening the coordination between your enterprise operations with Development processes, in turn, helping your organization build stronger relationships with your clients.

Among these many advantages, this article is focused on how DevOps helps you with achieving enhanced client satisfaction and building stronger client-business relationships.

Business advantages of implementing DevOps

Enabling a feedback loop – It equips the customers with the ability to provide the development teams with their direct and quick feedback on an ongoing basis to allow them to make changes and perform improvements on the software for its delivery just as desired by the customer.

Higher performance – As the recent studies reveal, the organizations following the DevOps approach encounter about 200 times shorter lead times and about 30 time more frequent deployment as compared to the traditional organizations.

Less failures & high recovery rates – The organizations that adopt DevOps face at least 60 times less incidents of failures and they recover in event of failures hundreds of times faster than the traditionally operating organizations.

Improved overall efficiency – What DevOps is primarily aimed at is bringing efficiency and improving the performance of the software delivery process – with improved quality software delivered quicker. This eventually leads to improved customer experience and higher client satisfaction resulting from more productive and efficient development.

How DevOps enhances customer satisfaction

DevOps is eventually all about smooth collaboration between the Development and Operations team of an enterprise driven by the underlying goal of offering a seamless and smooth experience to the customers and constantly improving in terms of the quality of their deliverables. This enables an organization to drive high degree of productivity which translates into savings from the operating expenses. The digital transformation resulting from more agile processes and development of more targeted and efficient business applications, makes way for deepened customer engagement for any enterprise.

So, to conclude, on one hand, with the quick feedback enabled efficient and qualitative deliverables, DevOps helps organizations win the trust of their customers, on the other, it transforms your business into a more proactive and improvement-focused organization that reaps the advantages in terms of saving time, cutting down on operational expenses and driving higher revenue by better quality of offerings and higher customer engagement. This is how, adopting DevOps brings about a win-win situation for any organization looking to grow faster.

Having talked about all the advantages of DevOps for your business with special focus on bringing about client satisfaction, we would like to reiterate the fact that DevOps can be adopted at a cultural and strategic level more than just at the operational level. An ideal DevOps consultant is the one that analyses and prepares your organization at that level to ensure its smooth execution at the operational level.

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