Customer on boarding is a delicate process. Your objective should be to make this process as smooth as possible for the customer.

1. Avoid long, complicated sign-up forms

This is a major detractor for prospective customers. Most of the customers prefer instant, hassle-free sign ups. If you set a 24 hour window for account verification, they are most likely to say good bye and take their business elsewhere.

Automating sign ups with simple lucid forms, and account verification done in a matter of minutes, gives a customer a feeling that they have signed up with a sophisticated hosting provider.

2. Avoid asking redundant information for account verification on the portal

How likely is a person at this age and time owning a fax machine and pager? Root out these formalities. Don’t make it difficult for them.

3. Prolonged time for account verification on portal

It is true that there are a lot of fake credit card, online fund transactions taking place. But this is not an excuse for driving your customer crazy with unreasonable time-window for a purchase. Use automation with added functionality of fraud screening tools. Use their databases to figure out potential abusers. The system can be fine-tuned in such a way that only suspected fraudsters are required a manual authentication before completing the sign up.

4. Build Interactive control panels for customers

A robust control panel which is pleasing to the eye is always a winner. Cumbersome panels with defunct buttons breeds frustration. You can definitely avoid frequent calls, support requests from customers in that front. After all, this wears out your service staff. Their valuable productive time is frequently wasted by listening to constant complaints about some silly button which adds extra disk space or ips. The end result is not desirable. Temporary resolutions to their problems is not considered “support done well”. It is a display of your weakness.

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