The success of any business depends on two vital aspects: sticking to commitments and managing relationships. While the former depends on technical deliverables, the latter is how well you relate to your clients and associates. This requires professionalism confidence, tact, with presence of mind and good communication skills. Moreover, you also need to be available and responsible. The client is (not) always right and your success mantra would be not allowing him/her what’s in the parenthesis.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process companies use to understand their customer groups and respond quickly—and at times, instantly—to shifting customer desires. CRM technology allows firms to collect and manage large amounts of customer data and then carry out strategies based on that information. Data collected through focused CRM initiatives help firms solve specific problems throughout their customer relationship cycle—the chain of activities from the initial targeting of customers to efforts to win them back for more. CRM data also provide companies with important new insights into customers’ needs and behaviors, allowing them to tailor products to targeted customer segments. Information gathered through CRM programs often generates solutions to problems outside a company’s marketing functions, such as supply chain management and new product development.

The Benefits are crystal clear

Companies have found out that by implementing an effective Customer Relationship Management they can expect to increase their sales and customer loyalty by 150%!
• To be more specific, a well-executed CRM automation program can-
• Give you critical information about your client, when you need it.
• Help you to promote targeted programs to target your most profitable customers
• Help you create perfect customer persona to provide tailor-made services
• Yield faster and more accurate follow-up on sales leads, referrals and customer enquiries.
• Boost your revenue-per-salesperson and territory.
• CRM can help a business acquire new customers through contact management, selling, and fulfillment.

How to get the most out of your CRM?

It is hard for any type of company, but it’s even harder for professional services firms. Making a CRM initiative truly succeed requires several critical things:

• Trust
• A real focus on marketing
• Good technology support
• A willingness by the rainmakers to share a wide range of information about their clients
• Employees willing to learn new software
• The time to regularly update the information housed throughout the system

Few firms today are realizing the potential from their often-considerable investments in CRM. In part, this is because it is uncommon for management and staff to embrace CRM as a vision for how the business could be. Seen only as a means to generate more short-term sales, CRM can be a lot more than a means to efficiently interact with chosen customers with appropriate value propositions.

When you move to a new CRM, you need to develop a new set of skills, and make use of new tools and techniques. These will help you with the key management activities much easier. HostGems does this and much more. HostGems CRM module will help your organization track-

a) Order Queue
b) Manage IP request
c) Site of the month
d) Testimonials
e) Client Loyalty – Via loyalty points
f) Verified Emails
g) Manage Domains

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