Cloud computing is fast becoming a part of the IT strategy of any business looking to grow at a fast pace. With the growing popularity of cloud solutions, the organizations are also getting increasingly exposed to various challenges related to cloud. Some of these include: complexity, scalability, data integration and performance to name a few. Regardless of these challenges, there is a growing trend of adopting cloud for one’s business. This is because the advantages of cloud clearly outweigh the challenges that come along. Here are a few distinct advantages of cloud computing for your business that you need to consider as you evaluate its relevance for your business:

1) Imparts business efficiency

One of the implied advantages of cloud is the business efficiency it offers. As opposed to the weeks or months it would otherwise take, with cloud, the services get deployed and are ready to use in a matter of a few minutes. So, when you have implemented cloud, the deployment of services is faster and more efficient than you could’ve imagined.

2) Enhances agility of your business

With the added degree of efficiency brought to the deployment of services and availability of compute resources just as needed, your business now gets to enjoy a quicker time to market. This adds an element of predictability to your deliverability. With the newly acquired blend of quality and efficiency of the processes, your business becomes more agile and result-driven.

3) Reduces issues with the operations

Once your small business has standardized the processes with the help of cloud computing, it becomes better immune to at least the routinely faced operational issues. With a reduced time now spend on the routine operational issues, you get time to focus better on the issues that are business-critical and command your attention.

4) Lowers your capital expenditure

With cloud, you can make an easy shift to the OpEx model that does not only help you save on your capital expenditure but it also makes your business proof to the potential investment losses in case you plan to end your project in an unplanned manner. All that is required in an OpEx model is the operational expenses with almost zero upfront investment and commitment.

5) Lets you explore innovative business models

Cloud has proven to be a boon to business innovation initiatives since even with an innovative combination of the readily available cloud services, it has become possible now, for you to explore new and different business models. So, you can add new value propositions to the same business by introducing a radically different and new business model enabled by cloud.

To harness the real power of the cloud technology, what your business needs to do is to make the most of these innate benefits of cloud to its advantage. This is precisely where the need for an expert cloud implementation partner is felt.

A cloud services partner such as InstaCarma can assist you with strategically implementing cloud to make the most of this technology with the aim of changing the game of your business growth. Feel free to contact us to learn all about our cloud implementation services and cloud consulting services approach and processes.

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