Following are the steps to upgrade an MT account:
First, make a backup of the MT database and folder.

cd /home/{username}/public_html/mt
mv mt-config.cgi mt-config.cgixxx
cd /home/{username}/public_html
tar -xzf MT-4.261-en.tar.gz
chown {username}.{username} -R MT-4.261-en
cd MT-4.261-en
cp –reply=yes -R * ../mt
cd ..
cd mt
mv mt-config.cgixxx mt-config.cgi
cd ..
rm -f -R MT-4.261-en
rm -f MT-4.261-en.tar.gz
cd mt
chown -R {username}.{username} *

Now when the user logs in to the account with the credentials, he will be prompted with an option to complete the upgrade process and rebuild the site for the upgrade to take effect.

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