Many of us are already using LxAdmin on various client servers. Did you notice a small change in their control panel? Yes, there is a small change in its name. It’s now known as Kloxo..

I did try to dig wordnet to see if there is any meaning for this this word called “Kloxo” but no luck. There was no announcement about this name change and there was not even a mail to it’s customers mailing lists as far as I could see. Today there are many forum posts etc available on the internet explaining how you can migrate to Kloxo from Lxadmin and how it continues to work seamlessly. I’m pointing you all to the resource found on LxLabs website so that you can learn more about this.

Resource URL:

Q. Why was the name changed to Kloxo?

A. Lxadmin is not a great name for a consumer software, and we are perfectionists. Names should be simple, neutral and thus over time should get associated with the software.

Q. Won’t this lead to confusion in the internal architecture?

A. We have taken the name change very seriously, and thus Kloxo is a new application altogether and the internal architecture has been completely redesigned. Earlier if there was a path /home/lxadmin or C:/Program Files/Lxadmin, the path in Kloxo would be /home/kloxo and C:/Program Files/Kloxo respectively. This means that application Kloxo in itself is 100% consistent, and thus will not cause any confusion.

Q. What about the reputation the Lxadmin name has garnered till now? Won’t you lose it all?

A. Lxadmin is nearly 2 years old. We have absolutely no short-term strategies and our strategy is always based on what Kloxo will be 5-10 years from now, and thus the loss of the proximal brand loyalty is something that we are ready to accept.

Q. What happens to the existing Lxadmin customers?

A. Kloxo is 100% backward compatible with Lxadmin. You can take a backup in Lxadmin and restore it perfectly on Kloxo. Our customer support team will be glad to assist you if you run into any problem. Please contact kloxo-migrate at . We guarantee that your data will be properly migrated from Lxadmin to Kloxo. Also, we will be maintaining Lxadmin indefinitely, and so you only need to slowly plan your migration to kloxo.
Please see this for info on how to migrate: Kloxo Migration

Q. What about managing Lxadmin from inside hyperVM?

A. You can manage Lxadmin from inside hyperVM by clicking on the lxadmin/kloxo button. HyperVM does not distinguish between kloxo and Lxadmin inside a vps, and you can just manage Lxadmin from HyperVM using the lxadmin kloxo button itself.

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