Issue :

Certain features were disabled in WHM. However, they are still visible in cPanel. So, clients can still click on it and then they see that the feature has been disabled. This sends the wrong message to the client. If the option isn’t visible, it cannot be misinterpreted.

Solution :

The features were disabled in the following way :
WHM -> Feature Manager -> Select “Default” -> Edit -> Uncheck the feature from list -> Save.

You should edit the “Disabled” list instead of the “Default” list.

If you remove the feature from “Default”, the feature will only be removed for those users who don’t explicitly have another feature list assigned to their hosting package.

When you disable the feature in the “Disabled” feature list, it is removed from the system entirely for all users regardless of the hosting package or feature list assigned to that package and hides the option in cPanel.

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