cPanel introduces the Database Mapping feature with version 11.25.1.

This feature lays the groundwork for providing more flexibility in naming databases and database users.

In the past, cPanel has always appended an account’s username to any database name or database username created by the account (for example, a database might be named “user_dbname”). This changes with the addition of the Database Mapping feature.

In cPanel 11.25.1, Database Mapping provides the following benefits:

1. Accounts transferred from non-cPanel servers, such as those running Plesk or Ensim, will no longer have the cPanel account name added as a prefix to the names of databases and database users. This means applications like blogs and forums should work with minimal (or no) changes after transfer.
2. Server owners can disable use of the database name prefix server-wide. If a server owner chooses this option, databases and database users will no longer be created with the cPanel account as a prefix (for example, a database could be named “dbase” instead of “user_dbase”). This option is not reversible.

Both the above features will make a server incompatible with older versions of cPanel. If either
1) a non-cPanel account is transferred to an 11.25.1 server ; or
2) the server owner opts to disable prefixing, then that server will not be able to later downgrade to 11.25.0.

Likewise, transferring an account from a cPanel system that does not use the database prefix to one that does (e.g., cPanel 11.25.1 with prefixing disabled, to cPanel 11.25.0) will result in support issues. Databases and database users whose names lack the prefix will not be manageable in the cPanel interface.

Source : cPanel forums

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