Login to via FTP fails for all users. The following error message is displayed:
Cannot log in, home directory inaccessible


There could be several reasons:

1. This might happen if the hostname is longer than 15 characters.
2. Domain resolves to a different IP than the one which has been configured in Plesk.
3. FTP server configuration is broken.


1. To change the host name right-click the My Computer icon, choose Properties. Select Computer Name tab then click Change button. Specify the computer name as desired and click OK. When done, restart your computer.

2. Please check if resolves to the same IP it has been configured for in Plesk.

3. If the name of your server is shorter than 15 characters and domain resolves to the proper IP it could mean that something is broken in the FTP configuration.

You should follow these steps to fix the issue:

Repair permissions of the home folders of the problematic domains. It can be done using the Control Panel.

Plesk >> Domains >> Mark problem domain >> Click on Check permissions

Re-configure FTP using Plesk command line tool ftpmng.exe as follows:


Note : Check and verify if you have domains on dedicated IPs

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