Issue :

Awstats for a particular domain is not being updated.


If  Awstats are not updating

1. Mostly it will be due to the load issue on the server. Please increase the value of EXTRACPUS to a value more than 1 to prevent this from happening in future.

2. To update, please use /usr/local/cpanel/base/ -config=”domainname” instead of /scripts/runweblogs as the second option still checks for server load.

3. Please use /usr/local/cpanel/cpanellogd if you want to update for all domains under a particular account.

4. Please check if the eximstats database is working perfectly as cPanel checks this database while upgrading the stats. cPanel won’t upgrade awstats if this database is corrupted. Please run the following command to repair it in such a case.

mysqlcheck -r eximstats

5. Please check the domlogs of the particular site if it is still not showing the latest stats.

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