The market is abound with web hosting service providers who claim to offer 24*7 outsourcing technical support for your web hosting business. Amidst the multiple technical support providers of seemingly similar offerings and promises of high service quality, you are bound to use your judgment to decide which would be the best one to meet your business needs and adequately address to the needs of your clientèle as well. And then, at the end of the day, does ‘availing a 24*7 support provider’ necessarily translate into getting to on-board the support staff for ‘instant and anytime availability’? Not always! So, what all are the challenges that you might encounter on your way to realistically finding a services provider that just about fits the bill for your business needs? We have compiled a list of all such challenges that you must be aware of, well in advance, to help you compare and make an informed decision with ease.

1. Round-the-clock support usually translates into the availability of level-1 support

Even while most of the support providers would claim to offer round-the-clock availability, the ground reality is that only the level – 1 support becomes available 24*7, specially when it is about any time outside of the regular office hours or the holidays. Many businesses, on contrary, have more intensive support needs outside of the regular working hours or on holidays. This is one of the most common challenge you come across, once you opt for outsourcing technical support.

2. Outsourcing can make the language and communication barriers come into play

While outsourcing technical support is a lucrative option for the web hosting providers in terms of savings of costs and resources, the mere idea of ending up choosing providers whose services do not match up to your service standards can be quite daunting. In absence of clear customer focus and self-motivation, the help desk teams might as well fail to deliver on the service quality standards as set by your company. To add to these, there can be factors such as local language barrier and a gap in the communication of mutual expectations which may worsen the situation further.

3. Inadequate staffing of helpdesk can extend the query resolution time from hours to days

While some of the major providers in the industry may provide you with outsourcing support team that is on duty 24*7, they still may face lack of enough resources to efficiently handle the tickets-load at the required pace. This results in bloated query resolution time eventually leading to client dissatisfaction. In such a case, the very idea of availing 24*7 support becomes pointless for your business where your customers need to wait for hours and hours to get their issues resolved.

4.There is no such thing as true 24/7 support

With the increasing number of service providers, as witnessed in the recent times and each claiming to offer 24*7*365 support, it has become even more difficult to trust any of these. The truth be told; it just may not be possible to find a provider that offers round-the-clock availability with high responsiveness in true sense. This is the reason why there may be companies all claiming to provide you with constant hand holding, however, at the very time of a critical need, they may completely fail to show up.

How to overcome these challenges?

While it can be difficult for you to judge the quality of support services of a provider before trying them, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of selecting a reliable provider.

  • Discuss with your provider before selecting them to ensure that you have level-2 and level-3 support also available 24*7. Also, ask them to explicitly mention any conditions that apply for their availability for example extra service charges etc.

  • The kind of time the sales rep you are dealing with takes, can also be pretty much reflective of their turn-around times. While some of your queries may be genuinely time-taking to be resolved, if the reps take longer than usual even for the regular queries, this can be a red flag.

  • Take note of the communication skills of the company representatives and take a clue about their service quality in general, from their staff’s ability to comprehend your queries and to respond to you with a solution oriented approach. In case these things are missing, it could be the reason to reconsider your choice of the provider.

  • You can try testing the services for yourself by contacting the support staff in holidays or night hours and if you find consistent, speedy and relevant responses, this means you have found your right support partners.

  • The last but not the least, you can read all the customer reviews and testimonials about their services to understand their other/existing clients’ outlook about their service quality.

These are some simple yet effective tips you can follow to ensure that you avail competent 24*7 technical support provider partners for your hosting. InstaCarma holds a proven track record of consistently offering reliable hosting technical support with quick turn-around times ensuring fast closing of tickets and instant query resolution. Want us to help you understand the value we can add to your business in terms of speed and responsiveness? Leave us a comment below or contact us.

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