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The ability to track Email is increasingly becoming a mind boggling task. I believe email is fundamentally unproductive, as, you need to sift through too many documents and things get lost. So basically the time you waste to find a document can be utilized in doing something productive. Below mentioned are the possible alternatives that can work for your company-


A private social network for your company? How does that sound? It is like corporate Facebook, which allows you to have conversation by writing on each other’s wall. Instead of a 100 likes on a “London trip”, managers can set up team meetings. It is highly clean looking and also highly functional which makes Yammer the correct tool for your corporate needs.


Much like Twitter, Shortmail also allows users to have conversations in 500 characters. Shortmail is useful for small businesses in the way that FAQs from individuals and deals or promotions can be seen by even more potential customers. Conciseness is something to look forward to in this busy life and Shortmail helps you to achieve this. Go Shortmail!


How can I forget Twitter? Its the best way to communicate with your customer. The service level of your company is not tested by the time you take to respond to a 600 word mail but the quick response that you can provide your customer through Twitter. Also, you can agree with me that writing a 200 character response is better than typing 600 word long email with around a dozen reports attached!


Comparable to Yammer, it simplifies communication in businesses through applying a social platform to the workplace. It’s a simple formula of applying the huge success of social networking at company level. Chatter is a free program and the sigh up process is a breeze.
The clear message here is that Email is just one tool, and it’s a really bad one for connecting people and finding out what’s in their heads! But people use it like it’s the only tool. I hope that you will try the alternative options provided above and come out with stunning results. Need better results from your employees? Try VisionCarma!

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