With margins getting slimmer due to competition, employers and managers may feel the need to squeeze every bit of productive output from their staff to reduce expenses. There seems to be so much time wasted and too few things done. There are countless ways you can improve productivity in the office. For each company, there are areas that must be prioritized. Here are some of the ideas that work:

IRemoving Potential distractions

The primary step would be to do away with just about everything that may divert you and/or your teammates from getting work completed. Moreover, it is feasible for someone to be waylaid whenever there are a great number of issues that are vying for attention. Some of the time tested ways to eliminate distractions at work are:

1) De-clutter and assemble – Get rid of outdated data files and trash that shouldn’t remain in your work area at all. After you have everything that is required for work to happen, uphold a feeling of order via appropriate organization.


2) De-cluttering your system -Take some time to perform certain system clearing measures to be able to clear hard drive space as well as to encourage productiveness each time your team works on their computer.


3) Hide away email and announcements – Pings, bells, and most recent email announcements are a couple of the most detrimental productivity busters nowadays. The best method to silent all of them could be to close tabs as well as mute notifications while at the workplace.


4) The work area temperature – is among the well-known reasons that have an effect on an employee’s productiveness and concentration. In cases where the work area is far too cold or alternatively extremely hot, your actual degree of concentration won’t be as good because your whole body isn’t comfortable enough to concentrate.

II. Promoting Productiveness

The next strategy to build a powerful and effective work area would be to optimize it to motivate people to work. To put it another way, establish a work environment that motivates a person to work as well as focus on the work in hand.

1) Adequate and, flexible lighting

Poor illumination tends to be harmful and, also leads to a person becoming unproductive. Putting up flexible lighting solutions is an incredible method of improving one’s productiveness as well as overall health. What’s more? It’s appropriate in reducing power consumption.

2) Noticeable to-do lists

Tracking your to-dos or, possibly writing them down on a whiteboard are excellent methods to have your to-dos constantly in sight, reminding you frequently what’s in line for the day.

3) Ergonomic furnishing

Office chairs, desks, as well as other furnishings designed for ease and comfort and appropriate posture promotes both workplace productiveness as well as optimal health.

 4) Rewards and Recognition

Even though it remains in nature company expenditure, you can think about rewards as well as incentives for employees who have executed an excellent job that can be considered as a value add to the company. Getting acknowledged for delivering beyond expectations is an enormous motivator that will drive your personnel to perform to their best. An added bonus, an in-office awarding event, and/or anything of the type will enhance work into something everybody enjoys doing as well as is committed to.

5) Plan team outings/ fun events

Work is important but, so is the importance of having an active social life. Always working makes a person dull and restless. People tend to be more efficient when they feel enthusiastic about their work. They are lively, energetic, motivated, and so their performance is topnotch throughout the day. Nurture motivational energy within the workspace by doing any of the following: Team outings or/and fun activities on floor as these break the monotony. The person coming out of the other side is fully refreshed and you will see a definite spike in their productivity too.

Also, nurturing motivational energy within the work area will enhance the overall work environment. Some possible ways to do it-


i.          Compliment your staff for a work well done.

ii.          Instill trust and consideration between as well as among employees.

iii.          Pay attention whenever an employee has to speak out regarding an issue he/she has or, an idea he/she wants to share.

iv.          Smile frequently.


6) Provide clear directions

By identifying and informing each and every person’s tasks and assignments, you attain focus and knowledge of exactly what is required to be carried out. In the event that your employees have queries or perhaps are uncertain about their duties, get such issues resolved instantly.

Improving productivity is a never-ending task for the manager. For most companies, a single change may not matter much; but the accumulated effect of continuous improvement efforts will be strongly felt not only by the customers but also in the company’s bottom line.

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