Image Source: Kannada Prabha

Image Source: Kannada Prabha

Owner of LxLabs, K T Ligesh (32) , passed away at his residence in Bangalore last night. Initial reports state that he committed suicide. As per the news-reports, it appears that Ligesh , who was a guitarist as well, was going through a difficult time personally.

LxLabs is the creator of HyperVM – optimized virtualization technology which runs on both Xen and OpenVZ, “Host In a Box” solution – LxAdmin/Kloxo for Web hosting companies, server owners, resellers etc. Recently, there have been some serious  vulnerability reports concerning their software.

Ligesh was an exceptional software engineer, and the mastermind behind all the well known software products his company produced. His stellar engineering talent is evident in the way he created innovative software products that were quick to rise in popularity and adoption within the industry, capturing the imagination of thousands of industry watchers. InstaCarma and its Directors shared a cordial relationship with Ligesh. His brilliance and intelligence always shone through in all our interactions with him.

Details regarding who will take over the operations of the company or the development/maintenance of the software is not available at the moment. Also, it is not known what the server owners who use LxLabs’ software should do in the wake of this news. While further updates are awaited, Ligesh is in our thoughts and prayers . May his soul rest in peace!

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