InstaCarma is growing! We’re currently on an aggressive recruitment drive to hire 20 bright engineers to join our growing team. Our HR team has been visiting reputed engineering colleges in and around Bangalore in search of the brightest talents available.

Our recruitment process is quite rigorous, consisting of various levels of tests where we check candidates’ problem solving aptitude, technical skills and English communication skills. These tests are followed by interviews where we look for the right kind of attitude, soft skills, emotional quotient and values in the candidates, apart from once again thoroughly testing their technical knowledge and problem solving abilities. No wonder then that our selection rate is so low. Though our requirement is for just 20 new hires, we’ve already visited about a dozen colleges and will be going to many more, relentlessly in search for those perfect candidates who can match up to our high expectations, candidates who can live up to the “Hosting Superhero” tag that our brand associates with!

InstaCarma's HR team at Sri Venkateshwara Engg. College,Bengaluru

InstaCarma's HR team at Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering,Bengaluru

Our HR manager, Aneesha Kariyadan, feels that such campus recruitment initiatives have great benefits – “Apart from the fact that we get to hand pick the best talent from among a large batch of students, these initiatives also give us a chance to spread awareness about our company and what we do amongst students. We’ve noticed that students come away quite impressed from our presentations and as a result tell several of their friends about our company . Its a great way for viral publicity regarding the company and this type of awareness amongst students regarding our company is very important as it results in large numbers of bright interested students applying to work at our company. Just as spreading brand awareness amongst the industry is important, it is also equally important to do the same with the student community, as they’re the bright stars of the future and the company benefits greatly by attracting them to itself.”. Our technical manager Shiv adds — “These campus recruitment drives are also a great way to build contacts within the academia. Its important to know as many college principals and placement officers as possible and be on good terms with them, so that they will give preferential status to the company during placement sessions and help the company recruit the best talent from their institution“.

We nurture and train these exceptionally talented students and make them industry ready. At InstaCarma, they get that golden opportunity from where they can build a sound career platform and a great future!

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