The advantages of implementation of cloud services to your organization are endless, a few of those being agility, flexibility, scalability, faster business growth, cost savings and adoption of innovation in the business models. No wonder why the cloud services market is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Despite all these advantages, ever wondered what makes enterprises think twice before they take a decision to undertake their cloud journey. We would like to introduced you to a few of the major challenges enterprises face before deciding to move their business applications onto the cloud.

1. Privacy & Security of Data

The biggest concern about implementing cloud is related to data security. The cloud services, being hosted by the server provider, necessitate it to share your crucial business data with the provider risking its security and confidentiality in the hands of the service provider.

In this case the provider needs to be a trusted one with proven market reputation and the provider should be well-aware of the importance of keeping your business data secure and confidential.

2. Concerns with Service Quality

Another big concern the enterprises have with cloud implementation is related to the service quality imparted. This is one reason why the businesses hesitate to migrate their applications onto the cloud. The fact that they are not given any concrete guarantee by the service providers about the security and consistency in performance of their applications after migration to cloud, holds them back from making the move to cloud.

This is the reason why, while the good providers are carefully including performance, scalability and availability in their key value proposition, they are underscoring service quality backed by strong SLA terms. They are aware that no enterprise will get interested in hosting their business infrastructure on the cloud unless security and quality services are ensured.

3. Threat of the Cyber Attacks

The risk with the data stored online can also include its susceptibility to cyber-attacks. This is another reason why many enterprises think twice before embarking on their cloud journey. The recurrent attacks by virtual machines, bot ware and the attacks by brute forces add to the vulnerability of the data store in the cloud also given the size of data stored in the cloud.

To keep at bay with such risks, the enterprises need to carefully examine the security measures taken by the service providers against all such attacks and threats. This can help them determine the level of data security for their business once made the move onto cloud.

4. Accommodation in existing IT infrastructure

After the initial concerns related to the cloud implementation, the biggest challenge the enterprises face while executing the process is that of accommodating it in their existing infrastructure. This is one functional hiccup that the organization need to deal with at the time of adopting the cloud strategy.

To overcome such functional level issues, coming up with a sound cloud strategy with a long-term approach is but necessary. This can be performed only when your organization chooses an experienced cloud provider that offers an integrated cloud environment for your business, delivering optimally for your current IT infrastructure.

5. Cost concerns v/s performance

At the time of implementing cloud, another major concern that the enterprises have is that of keeping the costs low, especially when it comes to maintaining large and data intensive applications over the cloud.

So, before migrating such applications to the cloud, the enterprises need to assess the need for optimum bandwidth to ensure that application timeouts and latencies are ruled out as well as the costs are maintained at a bare minimum. Specialist providers, with their experience, can perform an in-depth assessment for your business before devising your business cloud strategy for you.

Depending upon your specific cloud needs, the cloud challenges faced by your business can be different or the same in a different order of urgency to resolve them. However, everyone will agree that understanding these challenges is the first step towards undertaking a cloud journey free of these challenges. Get an expert cloud implementation services specialist to assist you with identifying your specific cloud challenges and coming up with a well-rounded cloud strategy that takes care of it all. Not sure where to begin? Feel free to get in touch with us and we will handhold you with expert cloud consulting services.

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