Hosting automation software is gaining popularity in the recent times. The hosting companies are fast realizing the importance of employing such sophisticated software to support their business growth, as they expand in size and the number of customers catered. With numerous customers on their servers, the web hosting companies in this day and age find it a bit challenging to effectively cater to all their support requests in a timely manner. It cannot just be pretty expensive for them but it can also put their brand value at stake in case of any inefficiency reflected in the support they offer to their customers. Hence, the need to have hosting automation software for any hosting company that is looking to outgrow its competition. The software can be typically accessed through control panel with the help of a user name and a password. While making the choice of the hosting automation software that will best-meet your hosting support needs, here’s a list of features you need to duly consider:

The first and the foremost thing you should make sure of, is whether the hosting automation software in question, offers unique access ID to all the domain owners for them to be able to get logged in to the interface and perform the tasks as they desire. The ideal automation tool should also let its users track all the critical information and business critical resources such as the server space and band width. Apart from its other features, another of the important criteria is its ability to help a user manage the server files and the ease of installation of the scripts. Besides these, the best hosting automation software saves the time and money of the hosting services provider along with sparing their employees a lot of hard work by adding an abstraction layer between server and the end user.

The tool should be user-friendly and with an intuitive interface where all the commonly used functions are easily available. And it goes without saying that the technical support available in the hosting automation software of choice should be good enough to save the hosting companies from a lot of hassle. This is the reason why some of the free hosting automation tools that are available online are not to be preferred. The last but not the least, if the automation software is available in a single theme, it can be a bit difficult for your customers to relate with it or even to get used to it over a period of time. So, it is the best to look for one that offers you multiple themes or skins to choose from or the ability to customize it according to yours or your customers’ needs.

These are some of the criteria, based on which, we believe you can make a choice of the hosting automation software. We would like you to share our experiences and opinions on what else you believe should be factored in.

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