Business Requirement

The client wanted to create an online Ecommerce stores for the Health Care Professionals residing in US so as to provision them an online store within minutes giving them the access to their inventory of nutritional products at the same time.

The application handled the following

  • Configuration of Payment gateways for the store as per the owner(medical practitioner) of the store.
  • Shipping Methods Configuration per store.
  • Taxation management.
  • Ability to handle stores creation on the fly with a custom domain.
  • Users, groups management.
  • Promotion for products and users based on an event in the store.
  • Product Inventory Management.


Carmatec provided a highly interactive and scalable solution for the same using the popular framework called Spree(built using ruby).

Client – Professional brand based out of US offering their services to Health Care Professionals and their patients through referral by providing comprehensive support through their extensive line of nutritional products, their research and education division.
Man hours spent – 1500+ hours

 Spree Ecommerce store Features

  • Highly Scalable and modular application with the ability to handle creation of 1000+ stores.
  • Highly Configurable and Dynamic Solution for every ecommerce component.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways and Shipping Methods.
  • Promotions, User Groups and Individual Store Management.


  • Rails 4.1, Spree 2.1, Ruby 1.9.3, Html, CSS, Javascript
  • New Relic, Mandrill, Mailchimp, Omniauth, Devise,
  • Git, Capistrano, Phusion Passenger, Nginx.

Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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