If you’re just starting out in your business, sometimes the easiest choice is to make use of free services. Email has become the primary tool for communication in work and personal life. Many of us use free email services to set up email accounts, however, there are disadvantages and unknown costs to this.

After spending time deciding on the best domain name to represent your business, adopting a generic Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail email account will not create the professional image you’re looking for. In fact, people will wonder if your business is genuine. You also run the risk of your email being treated as spam and never actually landing in your intended recipient’s inbox. “[email protected]” will always look cheaper and less professional than “[email protected]”.

With prevalent online fraud and computer hacking, security and privacy over email communication is increasingly important. Apart from security, many of us could do without the time wasted on deleting unwanted emails each day. A common complaint of free email services is the disproportionate amount of spam you receive – can you really afford to miss that important customer email?

Free hosting services force you to conform to their basic services, including layout, security, extra features, and obnoxious advertisements. This can decrease worker productivity if it does not match your business needs well. Also, with private hosting, you have complete control over what firewalls and other types of security are used, maximizing the protection your business email needs; no such luck with free hosting services. Also, Free email platforms do not keep all of your information private. They often collect data on your email for their own purposes and share information with third-party advertisers. This can be detrimental for small businesses with sensitive material in their email accounts.

Another problem with free hosting services is that essentially there is no customer service for free email services. If you have a problem with Hotmail, Yahoo, Google mail or whatever free email service you’re using, you have nowhere to turn when you have a problem. At best you’ll be able to fill in an online form and wait in vein for a response. A good hosting provider will not hide their support email address or support telephone number.

Having personalized email account on own domain is a big plus point for any individual business owner or a group. Many of the web hosting companies offer email hosting as an additional feature, but in some cases, there’s a dire need of dedicated email hosting, i.e. if you’re running an organization with multiple departments. This helps increasing the efficiency and decreasing the dependability, and can either be done by managing in-house servers or outsourcing the email hosting. So if you want to be taken seriously and want your email to get through, what’s the alternative? Find a good email hosting service provider!

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