During a transfer from WHM  you may run into the following error:

Connecting to Remote Server Failed: Unable to connect to IP.ADDRESS:22: Bad file descriptor

This error appears when the server where the copy is running on is unable to connect to the remote server through SSH. The most common reason is  firewall blocking outgoing port 22 on the server. Configure the firewall to allow this and the transfer should  go through.

APF Firewall

In the APF firewall add port 22 to EG_TCP_CPORTS if you have EGF set to 1. Then restart apf with apf -r

The file you need to check in apf is /etc/apf/conf.apf.

CSF Firewall

In the CSF firewall add port 22 to TCP_OUT lists.

The file you need to check is /etc/csf/csf.conf. Then restart CSF with csf -r

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