The web hosting industry is a constantly morphing entity and in order to survive as well as maintain its profitability, the companies offering these services have to adapt accordingly. There are several latest trends in web hosting services. Most of the web hosting companies are trying to provide the best services in the market. Customers always want to have the best web hosting services to manage their websites. The latest web hosting trends to follow are as follows-

Speedy Deployment

Cloud technology allows companies and organizations to access processing power and storage capacity online as fast as they need it, and be up and running in record times. Just as cloud hosting has largely done away with the idea of the physical server, new rapid deployment technologies may be able to do away with datacenters, at least as we are largely familiar with them.

Growing Power Saving Needs

There’s a growing consensus that, as important as power is today to datacenters and hosts, it is going to become an even more important concern in the years to come. Power costs are expected to increase, not just because of the rise in power rates but also because of the more powerful machines that the next generation of services will require.
Hosting companies are already moving entire datacenters for the sole purpose of saving a few pennies per KW, but the trend is expected to accelerate. The next most important technologies may not center around servers at all, but rather on cooling technologies that may help datacenters cut down on their biggest power drain.

Increased Security

At every corner in the hosting industry there is a growing sense of urgency on the matter of security. Much of this stems from the types of data that is expected to be moved into the cloud, including medical records and other sensitive information. There is also a consensus that cyberwarfare is going to play an increasing part in conflicts across the world; business, political and otherwise.
Companies are addressing this by trying to emphasize security in every phase of their hosting products, from the physical location of their machines to limiting their own customer’s capabilities to prevent them from taking risky action.

VPS instead of dedicated servers

VPS hosting has become an attractive solution due to features such as versatility and efficiency. While it is perfectly true that in the old days VPS was slow and lacked proficient data security methods, nowadays the modern servers are powerful enough to host several websites in completely separated environment simultaneously. Furthermore, less dedicated servers also means fewer carbon emissions, which qualifies VPS solutions as eco friendly.

Content management systems

Another trend of the modern web hosting is the content management system or CMS. It is one of the simplest way to create a fully functional website with easily. The CMS is able to help you to build an attractive website without having knowledge about HTML and coding system. The CMS system allows you to implement some automated functions to organize and manage your website easily. This feature is very important to improve the user experience. There are several popular content management systems offered by many web hosting companies. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most popular examples of the CMS systems.

No matter what, the one thing absolutely certain is that, hosting and cloud-based technologies are poised to play an even bigger part of our lives in the future and will run more and more of what we consider core functions. With everything from healthcare to travel being managed in the cloud, there is almost no way to avoid being a user of such technologies, even if you never sit down in front of a computer!

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