Linus Torvalds created the Linux kernel and put it up as free for the world to use. This kick started a sequence of events which led many developers and programmers to contribute their own ideas and enhancements to the original kernel, which made Linux stronger, more powerful and accessible to world of users, including web hosting companies. Web hosting companies have further streamlined its abilities inside massive datacenters which most likely powers your website. Linux Web hosting is here to stay for a long time!
The engineering capabilities have been used with full force to hide the complexity and offer a centralized dashboard, usually cPanel. This means website customers benefit from the full power and scalability of Linux platforms without having to deal with much of the complexity that comes with an open-source platform.
The Linux platform appeals to both programmers and power users. There is a dynamic relationship between the two, which is highly rewarding as your online requirements become more sophisticated.  Here are a few out of the many benefits of Linux Web Hosting-

The power of PHP

PHP is considered the go-to language on Linux hosting platforms. Regarded as a scripting language or lightly modeled programming language it is uniquely suited towards web development.


LAMP basically means Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Without Linux, this model generally falls apart. Together they offer significant cost savings for leading hosting providers and allow them to constantly innovate their suite of packages.

Availability of Basic plans

Linux hosting usually comes with some basic plans. Plans like FTP access to the servers are easily available. Offers like CGI scripting which is used in getting programs on the website for the owners. Applications like MySQL & other applications which is used for database services, email service & services like SSH are also available in Linux.

Easy Administering

Linux web hosting can be easily administered. The server offered by Linux is easy to work with. It can be easily managed, controlled and multiple actions can be performed at a time with ease. It saves cost and you don’t have to invest extra for other software tools.

Excellent technical support

As search engines keep on changing their policies, it is important that hosting sites are available to fix the problems. When working with Linux web hosting, one can be sure about the quality of service and technical support provided. Linux can be rated on the top for providing the most reliable technical support. As Linux incorporates fine with tools and hardware, it has hardware equipment to work in emergencies for the customers.
These are the key benefits offered by Linux web hosting. However, when going for Linux web hosting one has to make sure that you work with a reliable Linux host. Choose the correct web host today!

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