Rkhunter Installation

Rkhunter is a tool used to check trojans, rootkits, and other security problems.
Here are the installation steps:-

[email protected] [~]#wget http://downloads.rootkit.nl/rkhunter-1.2.7.tar.gz
[email protected] [~]#tar -zxvf rkhunter-1.2.7.tar.gz
[email protected] [~]#cd rkhunter-1.2.7
[email protected] [~]#./installer.sh

You can scan the server by using the following command:-

[email protected] [~]#/usr/local/bin/rkhunter -c

You can update the rkhunter database by issuing the following command:-

[email protected] [~]#rkhunter –update

Chrootkit Installation

Chrootkit is a tool used for scanning the trojans in the server.

Here are the installation steps:-

1) Download the source package

[email protected] [~]#wget ftp://ftp.pangeia.com.br/pub/seg/pac/chkrootkit.tar.gz

2)Check the MD5 SUM of the download for security.

[email protected] [~]#ftp://ftp.pangeia.com.br/pub/seg/pac/chkrootkit.md5
[email protected] [~]#md5sum chkrootkit.tar.gz

3) Extract the source file and install it.

[email protected] [~]#tar xvzf chkrootkit.tar.gz
[email protected] [~]#cd chkrootkit*
[email protected] [~]#make sense

4) Scan the server.

[email protected] [~]#./chkrootkit

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