Issue :

When migrating from a server NOT running suphp & suexec to a server running these, permission issues occur .
For example, directories which are chmoded to 777 would not be compatible.

Solution :

You can use the following commands to change the permissions :

find /home/*/public_html -type d -perm 0777 -exec chmod 755 {} ;

This checks for directories with 0777 permissions and chmods them to 0755.

find /home/*/public_html -type f -perm 0666 -exec chmod 644 {} ;
find /home/*/public_html -type f -perm 0777 -exec chmod 644 {} ;

These check for files with 0666 and 0777 permissions respectively and changes them to 0644

Note : Another thing to remember is the change in PHP directives. These can no longer be applied in a .htaccess file and will need to be moved (and in some cases syntax needs to be changed) into a php.ini file within your users’ web folder.

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