Issue :

New SSL certificate has been installed for a domain through plesk control panel but while checking the certificate via a browser, the old one that is about to expire is still in place instead of new one.

Cause :

The new SSL certificate is not assigned to the domain from the IP Pool section of plesk control panel.

Fix :

Login to your Plesk control panel. Assign the new SSL certificate to your domain.
1) Viewing the new SSL certificate
Click on Home at left panel of your control panel >> Click on your domain name >> Click on Certificates icon under Services section. All the installed SSL certificates will be listed here.
2) Assigning the new SSL certificate to your domain
Click on Home on the left side of your control panel >>Click on IP Pool icon under Tools section >> Click on the respective IP address assigned to the domain >> Assign the new SSL Certificate from the list of available SSL certificates for this domain and click  OK.
You might need to restart Apache. New SSL certificate can be viewed through browser.

Read more about SSL Security here.

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