Sometimes, permissions might get screwed server wide resulting in various problems for different users.

Here are some steps to reset the permissions.

/scripts/checkbsdgroups — Checks and repairs proftpd ownership on FreeBSD.
/scripts/chownpublichtmls — Change ownership of all users web space to them, which is useful for converting to suexec. Files owned by nobody are deleted.

Then, login to WHM as ‘root’ and go to Whm >> Resellers >> Reseller Center >> Reset Resellers

Select all Resellers under Reset package permissions to default and click the reset button.

Assuming that you have an ACL with the default permissions, select all Resellers under ‘Apply an ACL list to multiple resellers >> Select the appropriate ACL list >> Apply.

Also, it is advised to run the following :

/scripts/upcp –force

service httpd restart
service named restart

Also, refer to Changing multiple account ownerships via SSH

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