Issue :

How to block emails from a specific address on a cPanel/WHM server using Exim ?

Solution :

This is fairly easy to achieve with Exim.
First you’ll need to find the system filter file for Exim. This can be found out through WHM >> Main >> Service Configuration >> Exim Configuration Editor.
Towards the middle of the page, under the section ‘Filters’ , you ‘ll find the path to the file.
Open that file via SSH using your favorite editor and add the following to it :

if first_delivery
and ( (“$h_from:” contains “[email protected]”)
then fail

If you would like a copy of the email to be sent to you after the message fails, use the following code :

if first_delivery
and ( (“$h_from:” contains “[email protected]”)
unseen deliver “[email protected]

Make sure that you substitute the correct email addresses in the above code.

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