Issue :

File Manager failed to open in Win 6 .

Solution :

This issue is usually resolved by the following steps:

Right click My computer >> manage >> user and groups
Open the specific user >> properties >> uncheck ‘the account is disable’
Reset the user password (It will change the particular domain’s ftp password as well).

Now you should be able to get into the File Manager.

However, the above steps will cause a change in password. If it is required that the password should NOT be changed then the following steps will help you get around that:

You will have to check the password in the plesk database and replicate the same in the back-end.

In this case, plesk saved the details in the following way:

The database name : psa.mdb
The table name : Hosting
Column : Ftp_user , Ftp_pwd

1.Check the ftp user for that domain through the web hosting settings in plesk.
2.Search the user in the Psa.mdb > Hosting table > Ftp_user and find the corresponding password for that user .
3.Update the same password via back- end i.e Right click the ‘My computer’ >> Manage >> User and groups >> Open the specific user >> Properties >> Reset password

Note :

Before changing any entries in the DB, you should take a backup .
Before editing the entries in the DB, check and confirm twice.

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