DOS (Disk Operating System) was the first widely-installed operating system for personal computers. (Earlier, the same name had been used for an IBM operating system for a line of business computers.The first personal computer version of DOS, called PC-DOS, was developed for IBM by Bill Gates and his new Microsoft Corporation. Linux is an operating system that evolved from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds when he was a student at the University of Helsinki.

The main difference between UNIX and DOS is that DOS was originally designed for single-user systems, while UNIX was designed for systems with many users. UNIX and MS-DOS were developed at the same time they share some common syntax, and the UNIX neophyte will be happy to find many common commands and concepts.


1)File system – Hierarchical directory structure.

2)File access – Permissions (read, write etc.) on files, programs and directories.

3) Task Input/Output – Standard Input, Output and Error channels. Input/output of one task may be connected to another process via “pipe” or redirected to/from file.


1) DOS is Single-User, UNIX is Multi-User
2) DOS is Single Process, UNIX supports multi-processing, multiple processes per user, and job control from the shell
3) DOS has its command interpreter ( UNIX has the shell (C-shell, Korn Shell, Bourne Shell etc.)
4) Some versions of DOS allow password protection on file. UNIX has username/password for logins, and user/group/world permissions on files and directories.
5) DOS runs on Intel processors and compatible devices (8088, 8086, 286, 386, 486, Pentium). UNIX is available for a very wide variety of hardware platforms.
6) DOS has batch files. UNIX has shell scripts.

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