Recently , we came across several queries regarding custom name server setup. Please follow the following procedure for configuring custom name servers. Let us know if you still face any issues.

Note: This is applicable for cPanel servers only.

1. Login to WHM as root

2. Select “Basic cPanel/WHM Setup ” from the left  menu.

3. Type: in the Primary Nameserver field.

4. Type: in the Secondary Nameserver field.

5. Click Assign IP Address and provide the details.

6. Then  Add an A Entry for this nameserver.

Note : If this does not work then do the following via console.
# vi /etc/nameserverips
Add entries as follows

7. Select Nameserver IPs from the left menu in WHM.

8. Confirm that the nameservers have been added.

9.Restart the named service.

Now, the nameservers need to be registered and updated at the registrar end.

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