One of the questions that frequently pops up with regard to cloud hosting is regarding the safety of cloud hosting. Many companies today prefer to make use of cloud hosting mainly because of the cost advantage and secondly cloud hosting is known for its performance benefits. You will be able to enjoy high performance hosting without having to pay for dedicated servers. Unlike the regular hosting services, cloud hosting does not store the data in a single machine or server. Your website will be hosted in multiple servers in different locations. Just because a technology is fast, it does not make it also automatically safe; you should take a closer look at cloud hosting to ensure that cloud hosting is safe or not for your requirements.  Here are some of the points you should keep in mind-

Are They Certified?

When seeking out the services of a cloud computing company you will want to make sure they have all the necessary certification and procedures under their belt if they are going to be housing all of your important information.  As this is a constantly evolving technology, the rules and regulations governing how these companies are ran are continuously changing.  If you chose to go with cloud computing, you will need to make sure you are staying on top of these changes, than subsequently making sure your provider is following suite.

Keeping Tabs

Most experts on the matter are in agreement that anyone using cloud computing services should employ some sort of security software to check the reliability and confidence of their site on a daily basis.  That’s right; this means opening up your virus software and scanning their site to make sure it isn’t susceptible to any attacks or viruses.  Again, another possible time sink to calculate into your already busy day.

Uptime versus Downtime

At the heart of the matter, a cloud service’s database and hardware needs to be maintained and looked after just like any other form of storage and data retrieval software.  What this means to you is the question of uptime and downtime.  More and more, work days are extending far into the night and sometimes beginning early in the morning.  I advise to check when your provider schedules their maintenance to make sure it doesn’t interrupt the flow of your own work.

Given the substantial amount of savings that you enjoy with cloud hosting, which can be as high as 30 to 35% of the overall hosting expenses, it is worth taking all the safety measures to protect your data. The point that we are trying to drive home here is that you are exposed to the same amount of security risks whether it is regular hosting or cloud hosting. So why not take the required security measures and enjoy the savings by choosing cloud hosting.

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