CakePHP is a PHP framework that simplifies the way you do programming. What do I mean by “framework”? This concept is best explained by making a comparison with traditional application scripts: a typical PHP script starts at the top and proceeds to the bottom while utilizing included classes to create objects and processes the intended logic. An error in your syntax ruins everything, and you need to manually code database connections and other activities not native to the language.

MVC Pattern

Model support data handling, with model class you can insert, update, delete or read the data from the database. View support data rendering on the screen. Controller process and responds to events and can modify data before it interact with the model (database). With this pattern it’s very easy to separate the logic from the presentation, which is very useful for large applications and sites.

Faster development

CakePHP shaves a lot of time off your typical coding assignments by letting you create a few lines of code that utilize the backbone libraries built into the framework. Do you need your application to send email? No problem. Do you want to verify a form to make sure the user is entering a credit card number? CakePHP has you covered. Need to interact easily with a mySQL database (or others)? That’s easy too!


Every table is represented from a class. In these classes you can define relations between other tables, validation definition and also you can predefine specific callbacks especially for that table. The most important thing for me is the relation definitions, because once they are properly defined you can have sub records /from the related tables/ without doing anything specific – you just have them when you get the main record.

CakePHP is all about developer happiness!

CakePHP allows developers to write less code to achieve the same affect as other developers using another language or framework. That means they have more time to plan everything out, test it well, and ensure performance. By the time an application gets to be any sort of complex, the speed of the framework is largely overrun by whether it was easy to write the code in the first place.

Let’s not forget that security in app development is often sorely neglected. Fortunately, CakePHP protects forgetful programmers by offering protection from database injections and AJAX vulnerabilities. CakePHP also allows you to inexpensively and easily switch your current PHP practice to a rapid deployment framework. Not many things are more depressing (or expensive) than telling your team of PHP developers that they need to abandon their expertise to shift focus to a different language. With CakePHP, it probably won’t be necessary!

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