Colocation is an option of hosting for small scaled  businesses who demand the features of a vast IT department without much costs. Many of large corporate sectors have the net infrastructure to host web servers and have a group of IT professionals for managing and designing the site which small companies do not. Options are available in a wide range from typical hosting up to the running of their own Web servers in a dedicated link.

One of such options is Colocation. It is a type of web hosting service that allows the companies for buying rack spaces in the data centers. There users can store and manage their server equipment. These Data Centers eases the built for Colocation services of hosting and following it companies can do have their own working servers without putting them on their campus. Colocation provides the associated Companies with much better defined flexibility of installing the operating systems as well as other important tools according to their requirements. It also facilitates to choose and configure the hardware of the server as well as software which goes on it.

Colocation hosting helps minimize downtimes and increase availability. The hosting company monitors and troubleshoots the server for you. Also, colocation offers high security for the server as a hosting company’s datacenters are well-equipped for it. With the colocation model of management, you can reduce set-up and maintenance costs significantly. Since you don’t need to maintain a datacenter of your own, you save costs further. All this makes colocation a good deal for businesses, taking off the pressure of looking after their servers.

Benefits of Colocation Hosting are:

  • Greater amount of bandwidth is available.
  • Colocation hosting is more cost efficient than hosting your own server.
  • Server is stored in a secure location.
  • Makes necessary upgrades easy to obtain.
  • Room temperatures remain perfect for your equipment.
  • Should you move your business to a new location, your sever does not have to move with you.
  • More flexibility and the ability to customize your needs.
  • You have full control over your server.

For many mid range companies, colocation is an ideal compromise between renting space on pre-configured servers and owning an expensive datacenter. Additionally, if you have someone on your staff who can update and maintain your server equipment and you are able to find a data center location near your place of business, colocation hosting is going to make your life a lot easier and help your business run a lot smoother.

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