Error :

2008-08-02 11:18:23 fixed_login authenticator failed for (localhost) []:54412 I=[]:25: 535 Incorrect authentication data

Permissions for /etc/passwd and /etcshadow are fine.
/scripts/eximup –force did not help either.

Solution :

There can be multiple reasons for this.

First, check whether the folder ‘etc’ located at /home/”username”/etc/ has the ownership username:mail . If not, then correct that.

chown username:mail /home/username/etc/ -R

If that does not resolve the issue then check the permissions for the folder /home/username itself. It should be 711.

In one such case, it was set to 700. So, the mail group process couldn’t get down into /home/user/etc/domain to read the passwd file. Hence, the error.
Another scenario when this can happen is when the option “Allow mail account authentication using the password of the domain owner’s account” in WHM -> Server Configuration -> Tweak Settings is enabled.
Webmail logs you in but attempts to use the cPanel account password via SMTP. Hence, the problem.

Disable the option and check.

If none of these resolve the issue then try running /scripts/upcp .

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