Looking to start your new business in the Indian web hosting services market-place? Now that you’re taking the plunge into the hosting services market, it must be evident to you by now that it is a huge challenge to enter into this market. This is the reason why you need to brace yourself with sound research on the current market trends along with profound knowledge of successfully managing a dedicated server (Windows or Linux) using the popular control panels such as Plesk or cPanel, in order to offer the latest and the most sought-after features at competitive pricing. For starting your hosting business, you can follow any of the following two models:

1. Reseller Hosting (Shared hosting) provider

As a beginner in this market, you can become a reseller for the popular hosting companies. Not only will it help you start cost-effectively, it will also spare you the pain of having to manage the dedicated server all by your own. So, if your targeted customer-base is not too vast, offering shared hosting is a great option for you. To provide your customers with shared hosting, you can buy a reseller account from any of these popular hosting companies and start off immediately without having to set up a primary infrastructure for it.

While the reseller account helps you to get up and running with your hosting business in no time, the provider usually manages the server so, you can easily start without any experience with the management of servers. In this case, what really matters is your choice of the reseller hosting provider since a reliable provider plays a major role in the success of your hosting business whether it is about keeping the server online with no downtime or maintaining the server performance to remain high.

2. VPS Hosting

To be able to offer VPS Hosting however, it is requisite to have dedicated servers that have preinstalled visualization software, the required storage capacity to the tune of several terabytes with RAID 10 architecture, required RAM (ranging between 16-256 GB) and a central control panel to facilitate automation. You also have the option of availing a preconfigured HyperV from any of the reputed hosting providers to offer VPS to your customers.

Steps for starting a new web hosting business

Here are the steps you need to follow to start your new hosting business

1. Buy a domain name

The first step to starting your hosting business is to decide a unique and commercially viable name for it and then, decide and search a suitable domain name for it that is available for purchase at a reasonable price.

2. Get a website for your hosting business

The next step is to start building your website in an SEO friendly fashion so you can market your business online in an impactful manner. This will not only ensure the visibility of your business in the online market-place for hosting business, but it will also help you enhance your reach to your target audience.

3. Get the Software required for your business automation

Apart from its low cost advantage and the possibilities to scale it up into a highly profitable venture, what convinces most entrepreneurs about starting a hosting business is its possibility to let one automate almost all the tasks. So, the final and the most essential step for you would be to implement an efficient software. Such software can be usually installed on your website and cal get connected with your payment gateways such as Paypal etc. and your reseller account/VPS/dedicated servers as well along with the control panel.

On following these steps, technically speaking, you are up and running with your new hosting business! Looking to also provide web hosting support to your customers? This is an important aspect of your hosting business that you should not overlook if you want to establish yourself as a trusted hosting provider business that imparts uninterrupted support. Get in touch with you and we will guide you as to how you can proceed with it.

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