The web hosting companies cater to businesses and individuals alike by hosting their websites through the services they offer. These companies usually fulfill the personal and commercial needs of their B2B as well as B2C customers. While choosing a hosting services provider, the clients usually look for one that can deliver the sought-after service features such as high-end administrative tools, a reliable and secured back-up, considerable amounts of data, prime web hosting storage space and top speeds for web hosting storage space. With the increasing demand for these features, the job of the hosting companies is not getting any easier. However, a suitably integrated Hosting Automation Software can help make things easier for the hosting companies to a great deal. In this article, we will cover as to why a hosting automation software should be used and what are the criteria to choose the best-suited one for your business.

Why the need for a hosting automation software?

With the increasing number of business websites, the number of clients for web hosting companies is also constantly increasing. In such a scenario, it may not just be tricky but quite expensive as well, to host so many clients on their servers for the hosting companies. This is where the use of an effective hosting automation software comes into picture. This kind of a software is typically available on the control panel (cPanel) which can be accessed simply by using the User Name and Password, where-after one can proceed with work. In this article, we will focus on the features and attributes of a hosting automation software that you must consider at the time of choosing your hosting automation software that makes it smooth for your business to meet its customer needs.

How to choose the best hosting automation software?

Here are some of the key criteria and features that your business must consider before choosing hosting automation software best-suited for your business needs

  • User-friendliness must be your top concern since if absent, it can kill the very purpose of automation. This is evident from the way nobody prefers using the free versions that are not user-friendly.

  • So, an ideal candidate of a hosting automation software should be essentially simple to work with and all the frequently accessed tasks should be extra easy to access.

  • Don’t forget to ensure that every domain owner must get a unique access ID for accessing the cPanel. This makes it smooth for every user to log on to the interface for performing the respective tasks.

  • There should be provision for the registered users to track important information such as bandwidth and server space etc. It should also allow the users to conveniently perform tasks such as managing the files on the server and installing scripts etc.

  • By adding an abstraction layer between the server and the user, an ideal automation software can help a hosting company by saving hugely on its time, money and efforts. So, this can be a critical aspect that you should ensure in your hosting automation software.

  • In addition to this, a good hosting automation software would also offer you a few additional skins to choose from, along with the provision to design the skins for the users on their own. This adds to its flexibility and user-friendliness aspects as a single skin may not be as easy to understand and get used to for the typical users.

  • Apart from it all, another critical aspect of the hosting automation software is its customer support services. This is because an efficient customer support goes a long way in helping the hosting company steer clear of any potential issue surrounding it to ensure smooth implementation.

So, as you proceed to make your choice of an ideal hosting automation software, here’s what you should bear in mind. The job of your hosting automation software is to ensure smooth operation of your hosting business and everything on your check-list running on schedule.

So, make sure to opt for the one that offers smooth performance of critical functions such as bugs-free client-billing, automated tracking and emailing to the clients regarding their domain name renewal or service package expiry.

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