The process of offering software over the net as a service is popularly known as SaaS (Software-as-a-service). The software in question may range from being related to project management, content management, email management, contact management, scheduling and so on.

Since it follows the ‘pay-per-use’ model, it is also known as ‘on-demand software’. SaaS is one among the 3 popular categories of cloud computing, namely PaaS and IaaS (Platform and Infrastructure as a service, respectively).

Here are the key benefits of implementing cloud in the SaaS model for your business:
1. It eliminates the need for your business to bear the costs of the complex and exorbitant hardware typically required to host the software.
2. You do not need to avail and manage the software program at your end anymore which may comprise of the dedicated links, the VPNs etc.
3. What’s more! SaaS also eliminates the need for your business to maintain resources that would be required to maintain the software – install, configure, update it regularly and so on.
4. Everything related to the software application right from its licensing to maintaining it is managed by the SaaS service providers.
5. While your SaaS provider bears the responsibility to deal with the day-to-day software issues, your IT team can now focus better on the mission-critical aspects of your business.

Reasons for the growing popularity of the SaaS Solutions
Here are some of the reasons why the SaaS solutions available in the market are quickly getting popular among the businesses of all sizes:

1. Flexibility
SaaS allows you the flexibility to focus on high value functions of your business that are truly aligned to your business objectives. It lets you scale your business just as needed. Being available globally, it gives you ‘anytime’, ‘anywhere’ access to the software.

2. Reliability
You can rely on your SaaS provider to always keep your software updated to the latest version. This helps save a lot of your time, cost and the effort required on part of your IT team to maintain the software.

3. Ease-of-use
It is easy as well as quick to learn the usage of SaaS application and with the dedicated support at the back-end, one can keep on using the software on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

4. Security
As the replica of the data remains saved at the backup servers in case of SaaS, there is hardly any risk of losing the data. The provider of the SaaS services take all thee needed measures for security to ensure that your data remains safe.

5. Cost-effectiveness
In terms of the network or hardware, it is the onus of the provider to maintain everything. So, you do not need to incur any cost in terms of buying or maintaining anything related to the hardware or the network. So, no initial investment is required if you opt for SaaS.

With all these business benefits, SaaS is an attractive model to follow for any business specially the start-ups who are interested to move to the cloud. Want to understand which cloud option will best suit to your business? Feel free to contact us and our experts will guide you through to the implementation.

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