In an information environment, an organization’s success is tightly coupled to its ability to store and manage information. Storage systems provide a critical part of an organization’s network infrastructure. With the amount of data growing at an incredible rate, your storage strategy must keep pace. In designing a storage strategy for your server, you must select the right technology for your primary storage system, implement solid backup procedures and ensure ongoing management of the system.

Operating system files At least 15 GB

To provide space for optional components, future service packs, and other items, plan for an additional 3 to 5 GB for the operating system volume. A Windows Server installation can require even more space for temporary files.

Page file For smaller servers, 1.5 times the amount of RAM, by default

For servers that have hundreds of gigabytes of memory, you might be able to eliminate the page file; otherwise, the page file might be limited because of space constraints (available disk capacity). The benefit of a page file of larger than 50 GB is unclear.

Memory dump Depending on the memory dump file option that you have chosen, use amount as large as the physical memory plus 1 MB.

On servers that have very large amounts of memory, full memory dumps become intractable because of the time that is required to create, transfer, and analyze the dump file.

Applications Varies according to the application

Example applications include backup and disk quota software, database applications, and optional components.

Log files Varies according to the applications that create the log file

Some applications let you configure a maximum logfile size. You must make sure that you have enough free space to store the log files.

Data layout and redundancy Varies depending on cost, performance, reliability, availability, and power goals.

Shadow copies 10 percent of the volume, by default, but we recommend increasing this size based on frequency of snapshots and rate of disk data updates.

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