Among all its service features, which one do you think makes your hosting company stand out? Is it the speed that you offer, the uptime that you maintain, the price that you propose or the outsourced technical support that you provide? As answered by a survey, all these are important precisely in that order! So, as you would’ve guessed it right, the speed and up-time you offer are the biggest deciding factors for your audience to choose you over your competition. Apart from this, at least one fifth of the respondents in the survey mentioned technical support to be their biggest deciding criteria for choosing the hosting company.

Regardless of where technical support stands among the selection criteria of your customers for choosing you, it is eventually what makes or breaks a deal. And once you know that technical support is critical to your business, you can appreciate what important it holds to hire industry experts as the technical support provider for your hosting business. So, here are the reasons why it is important for you in the first place:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Building even a small in-house support team for 24/7 outsourced web hosting support can cost you an arm and a leg. So, it is any day a wiser decision to outsource technical support to proven industry experts rather than hiring a team and paying it for their round-the-clock services along with their specialized skill-set. This is not only convenient but also, quite affordable for your business.

2. Round-the-clock availability

Not just their affordable price helps you effectively increase your bottom line, but it is their promise of a round-the-clock support, upon which you can conveniently base your hosting company’s promise of offering top quality support services without any interruption. And your business can avail this without having to maintain the extensive infrastructure and facilities required to maintain it.

3. Scalability

While it can be tricky to scale-up or scale-down in case of your in-house support team where it leads to ‘hiring and firing’ of your employees, in case of outsourced hosting technical support, it is rather easy to scale. This is because your hosting business can leverage the flexible technical support packages offered by the industry experts to scale up or down as and when required which becomes more convenient for you in this case.

4. Improved growth focus & efficiency

On opting for outsourcing technical support from industry experts, you can allocate your resources to focus on other more business-critical tasks that help you grow your business faster. So, this serves to bring in more efficiency & growth focus to your operations. This is because no more of your valuable time gets wasted in resolving at least the support related issues so that more critical issues can now be handled better.

5. Complete coverage for Holidays

There are many online businesses for which holiday season holds special importance and therefore, good amount of coverage during this time is needed for them. Since hosting issues won’t wait to come up till the holidays get over, the contribution of your outsourcing partner towards providing coverage during holiday season matters a great deal.

6. Easy access to Industry Experts

It is a lot easier to gain access to industry experts at affordable rates when you hire outsourcing technical support for your hosting business as compared to when you need to hire the domain experts on a full-time basis while building an in-house support team. So, unless you can spend extravagantly just on the technical support aspect of your hosting business, outsourcing offers you easy access to a vast talent pool in the industry.

These are just a few key reasons why a hosting company should consider outsourcing technical support for their business and choose it over building an in-house support team. As your expert outsourcing partners offer top-class support to your customers it becomes easier for you to get an edge over your competition. So, it is important for you to carefully select your 24/7 web hosting technical support services provider partner.

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