Managed IT Services are gaining traction recently as more companies are in a phase of realization of the benefits of availing IT solutions tailored to their business requirements. There are several advantages of outsourcing your IT infrastructure management to a Managed service provider instead of running an in house IT division.

To list a few advantages,

Save Time

A lot of time and effort is required to build and set up a robust IT infrastructure. You have to factor in the possibility and need for scaling and upgrading in the future. Managed service providers are already experts in this domain. They can do the planning and setup of your infrastructure.

Expertise required to manage a complex setup and adapting to changes.

There are a lot of things involved – right from managing your employees’ workstations, network connectivity to backups and disaster recovery plans. As time changes, there will arise a need for discarding the old in the favor of new technology that is currently trending. SMEs cannot afford to achieve it all at once since the technology landscape is changing to rapidly for them to catch up. So, it becomes the need of the hour to adopt changes that will give you the edge in an overly competitive market. There is always a learning curve involved and the in-house IT teams are usually reluctant to such changes. A Managed Service Provider can fill this gap as they are abreast with the latest trends and have the right kind of exposure to guide you through a change, no matter how big or small it is. An internal IT team will have to rise to the challenges that come with fast paced deliveries and ever changing demands.

Cost Effective

It is ideal for SMEs to opt for a Managed Service Provider instead of incurring the costs of hiring and maintaining a team. There are no recruitment hassles to find the right talent. A managed service provider will have better talent pool and resources to expend. You can reap the benefits without the need for an over blown IT Budget.

Proactive Support

All managed service providers adhere to a strict SLA giving you 24/7/365 support. They are proactive, have faster response times and are accountable. The firefighting mode your IT team always gets into, makes way for a more proactive approach by the professionals.

Better Security

Security is a major concern for most companies since cyber-crimes are on a surge and the criminals have increasingly focused their attention on targeting SMEs. Your office network and computers are vulnerable to data theft, ransomware and other malicious activities unleashed by nefarious elements lurking in the web. Not many companies have skilled IT staff with the expertise to prevent or mitigate such attacks. The Managed Service Providers have security specialists who can bridge this gap They have better risk mitigation plans and you can therefore, rest assured with respect to your system security concerns.

Improving efficiency and reliability

The key advantage of hiring a Managed Service Provider is that you should be worrying less about how to manage your infrastructure and focus more on your products and business. It is an expedient proposition for your business since they can be added as an augmentation of your existing IT team. So, you can still retain your existing IT staff and use their potential according to your business priorities.


The last but not the least, the flexibility of opting for a customized package of services that the Managed Service Providers offer you is amazing. Most of them provide you with a wide array of services to pick & choose from. The service package therefore can usually be tailored to suit your business needs for example: fixed – term / recurring plans etc.

So, with a host of advantages that the Managed Service Providers offer you, it goes without saying that you should have no second thought before going for them. Does this excite you about knowing more about the Managed IT services? Get in touch with us for more details.

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