Amazon Web Services equip businesses all size with affordable & user-friendly infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for them to scale-up and grow. No wonder why, even the globally popular start-ups such as Airbnb have been empowered by AWS to quickly scale up. If you’re looking to cut down on your business expenses & yet, be able to enjoy greater amounts of flexibility that comes with cloud services, then you must consider Amazon Web Service (AWS) for smooth and successful cloud migration. So, if your business strives to be cost-focused without compromising on the quality of services it receives, AWS is the perfect choice of services for cloud migration.

Why to consider AWS for your business:

  • Being a cloud based service, it offers the expected cost advantage, a necessity for your business.
  • Being an IaaS, it offers greater flexibility, so you can do what you want with the servers.
  • With AWS, you can add new capabilities to your applications even after its cloud migration.
  • You get the option to enjoy a whole lot of other services to simplify the server configuration.
  • Though a bit of extra care required, migration of legacy applications is well-supported.

Despite all the advantages of AWS, businesses often still think twice when it comes to migrating their data over the cloud. Regardless of everything else, the single-most reason behind this is their fear of the unknown.

The biggest challenge they fear is that of migrating their legacy apps to the cloud. It is true that extra care needs to be taken while migrating the legacy apps of your business to the cloud. However, unlike some other services, the migration of legacy apps is extremely well-supported by AWS.

Here’s what all your business should consider while migrating your legacy apps to the cloud with AWS

1) Apart from the cost advantage of cloud migration, the biggest advantage is the ability of an individual application to take advantage of the flexibility cloud offers. So, first of all, your business should conduct an analysis of all the legacy applications with this view-point to understand which all applications are ideal to be migrated on the cloud.

2) The next thing to consider is whether your legacy application may require you to add new capabilities in the future, once it is on the cloud.

3) Another important thing that must be considered is whether your application is already virtualized or not. If it is, it becomes easier for you to take it to the cloud.

4) After considering to virtualize the application, the use of a supported cloud migration tool needs to be considered. For example, if you decide to use VMware, Amazon offers a VM Import/Export tool to facilitate direct migration.

Steps of Cloud Migration

  • Figure out which all are the servers on which the application relies as well as the ones to which the code is connected – it is not only the servers running the code, that count.
  • Figure out which all clients have been using the particular application & also ascertain the network segments of their location.
  • Determine which all servers will finally need to be migrated to AWS since some will still need to be purposely left behind at the data-centers.
  • After migrating the servers clone those & place their copies in the AWS instances, to which you can then assign IP addresses.
  • After this, the servers need to be reconfigured so as to lead to the newly assigned IP addresses of their peers.
  • This is followed by configuring the AWS firewall as well as the traditional firewalls around the data center so as to let all the applications’ flows to use their new IP addresses and adopt the newly built network paths.

What makes us your perfect AWS Partners

With 13+ years of offering Advanced Managed IT Solutions to organizations ranging from start-ups to large enterprises, Carmatec is the perfect choice for your AWS partners. Having offered AWS managed services to multiple organizations, we are well-exposed to all the potential challenges of a business while migrating their data to the cloud. This is why we are well-equipped with 360 degree solutions to enable smooth cloud migration for your business.

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