Cloud computing has innumerable benefits for businesses across industries which can be maximized with intelligent integration of cloud technology to these businesses. By now, almost every company worth its salt has understood and acknowledged the importance of moving their business to the cloud. But the biggest question every business considering cloud consulting services is ‘how to plan their cloud strategy in order to derive maximum possible benefits for their business from this cutting edge technology?” This article is an attempt to address to this question. Let us first take a peek into some of the key business benefits that cloud computing offers:

  1. As cloud syncs all applications with each other, it allows the end users to get all the data in real-time. So, a change made by one user is reflected on another application and on another system for a different user to peruse, in the real time.

  2. With automation of a majority of manually driven segments, cloud significantly enhances the level of operational accuracy and efficiency for businesses. This, eventually builds upon improving the overall efficiency levels of the information sharing process in the organization.

  3. Cloud systems are secured, flexible and scalable. These are secured by strong employee passwords and strict security protocols and can be availed as annual packages that the organization can flexible choose from, based on their specific current needs. This allows them to stay cost-effective and scale according to their needs.

  4. Cloud integration real-time syncing of all the data which can now be better analyzed so as to effectively project goals for all aspects of the business and the efforts can be navigated to that direction. So, cloud empowers the businesses to streamline their goals better.

So, with all its benefits, Cloud computing is proving to be a revolutionary development for businesses, that usually have multi-location presence these days and require to stay physically connected in real time. The true benefits of cloud computing can be derived by these businesses only once they are able to plan their cloud strategy effectively. Because making the choice of right cloud application makes all the difference.

While implementing cloud to your business, the first decision that you are required to make is whether your business needs to build private cloud or its operations can be efficiently managed on buying cloud services. Expert cloud consultants can assist you with this decision, taking the data usage of your business, its size and future scalability into consideration. For this, they conduct extensive study on your business needs business goals, capital expenditure, adaptability of the existing systems and the frequency of data usage spikes and the need to adapt in such times. After considering all these factors, they suggest you the pros and cons of building your own private cloud or buying the services and opt for the public cloud. While the private cloud can be more secure and tailored to your specific business needs, the public clouds are more flexible and cost-effective. So, it totally depends what works better for your business. While the private cloud can be capital-intensive the cloud services usually charge you on a monthly basic depending on the amount of data storage you need.

There is no doubt about cloud being the future of the way we do business – the very reason why businesses all sizes are fast adopting this technology. If used wisely, the technology can take your business efficiency to the next level in no time.

To maximize cloud computing’s potential, all you need is to realign the way you do business now. Proficient cloud strategists also assist you on realigning your projects so as to help you with seamless collaboration that can be very well adapted into the cloud as well.

InstaCarma has been in the industry for over 14 years and their cloud strategists have been catering to the cloud needs of businesses of all sizes across industries for long. With their profound experience, they can guide you with planning on how your business can go about cloud computing.

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